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We are equipped with trained and experienced personnel to undertake total Turnkey projects in Installation of Acid proof Lining, Epoxy linings & Refractory Lining. We have competent, experienced and committed workforce which has earned reputation in execution, maintaining quality standards and adhering to delivery schedules in adverse conditions.

We have executed many projects with well known foreign companies and globally renowned foreign consultants. Most of our clients have given us repetitive contracts as our jobs have given satisfactory performance and withstood rigorous conditions.
Acid Proof Lining
Acid Proof Brick /Tile Lining:
We undertake and have installed jobs of Acid proof Brick/Tile Lining for ETP & Neutralization tanks, Chemical Storage Tanks, Reaction Vessel, Sulphuric Acid Towers, Chimney, Plant Floors & Drains etc.
Carbon Brick /Tile Lining:
We undertake and have installed jobs of Carbon Brick/Tile Lining for Phosphoric Acid reactors and Flash Chambers, Jacketed Vessels & Reactors in chemical industries, Pipe spools, Mixer Chambers in Fertilizers, Quench Columns & Process Sewer Tank in Petrochemical Industries.
Epoxy Lining & Wall Coatings:
We undertake and have installed jobs of Self leveling epoxy floorings, Floor coatings & Wall coatings for Clean Rooms, Self leveling & Trowelling type Epoxy Screeds, RCC & MS Tank coatings, Fibre reinforced Epoxy coatings & Screeds, Prilling tower Coatings & Antistatic floorings.
Refractory Lining:
We undertake and have installed jobs of Fire Brick lining, Insulation Brick Lining & Castable Lining in Reheating Furnace in Steel & Aluminium industry, Rotary Furnaces, Sulphur Combustion Furnaces, Reformers, Chimneys & Stack, Boilers & Incinerators.
Industries Served
• Automobiles • Engineering • Paper & Pulp
• Battery • Fertilizers • Petrochemicals
• Breweries • Fat & Soap • Pharmaceuticals
• Chemical • Food Processing • Phosphoric Acid Plants
• Copper • Gelatin Plants • Power Plants
• Dairy • Health Care • Refineries
• Drugs • Insecticides / Pesticides • Rayon
• Dyes & Intermediates • Iron & Steel • Sulphuric Acid Plants
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